Nov 2018
02 Nov
7:52 PM
Membership Retention and Recruitment Is Easier Than Ever Before The ability to create, attract and ...
Oct 2018
29 Oct
10:16 PM
Mobile Membership Directories Have Evolved Into Modern Membership Apps Membership organizations ...
Sep 2018
27 Sep
8:16 PM
Big news! Check out our new Mobile Admin Control Panel for GroupFire Administrators! Want to text ...
Aug 2018
22 Aug
9:42 PM
Today, we released a highly requested feature: Mobile Membership Payments Now your members can pay ...
Jul 2018
30 Jul
5:39 PM
groupfire_email_header-1 (2)
We have THREE new goodies for your members, and at least two for the hardworking administrators! ...
Feb 2018
16 Feb
7:05 PM
2018 is time of both wrenching change and amazing opportunity. The intersection of Change and ...
Jan 2018
31 Jan
7:10 PM
Hello World! Yawn. Stretch. "Are we there yet?" Yes, yes we are! GroupFire has been in private beta ...