Deep in the heart, and I mean the HEART of Laguna Beach, CA is a tribe of community and communication warriors. Our goal? Bring great communication to the groups that matter in our lives: Our workplaces, our non-profits, our organizations and even our families.

We dream big here in Laguna. And why wouldn’t you? The weather is perfect, the spaces are wide open, the beaches endless and our minds untethered, like the wonderfully inspiring hot air balloons floating across our neighbor La Jolla to the south.

This is a big job and it’s a job that needs to be done. Supply you, the communicator, the community organizer, the instigator with a powerful package of tools that not only lets you focus on the job at hand, but gives you wings, makes things effortless, harnesses the power of the community that you build to assist you in building that community.

There’s a reason this software doesn’t already exist. The reason? Because we didn’t start earlier!

We are 5 years into this journey and it feels like we are just getting started. We will be here 10 years from now standing with you, learning with you on how to build, manage and maintain the most powerful communities on earth.

The best software and services lead with design. At GroupFire we lead with Design, and follow with customer service. You’ll be on a first name basis with us and we pledge to:

Be incredibly responsive
Share cutting edge lessons learned across our customer community
Continuously improve our software
Continuously add features and extend your capabilities.

We can’t wait to work with you and build the communities of tomorrow. 



Are you interested in working with real people that care about your problems and challenges?  People that you can call and talk to.  People that understand. That’s us. (949) 356-6852. Go ahead.  Give us a call. Or click below to schedule a time.

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Our Leadership

Our Culture

GroupFire is a family of community-obsessed builders. Like most other humans, we yearn deeply for a sense of connection. But what makes us a little, well, different is our unwavering drive to foster belonging within all groups -- not just our own.

We live for customer success

Rain, sleet, hail or snow. We are available 7 days a week to solve problems and create opportunities for you and your group. We've never had a client churn and that's in large part because we do whatever it takes, and then some. Customer-centricity is in our DNA.

We strive to make beautiful software

Our focus on end users shines through in our product. Member engagement is our north star, and we iterate quickly to continuously enhance the experience. That means building tools that both members and administrators can't live without.