We are GroupFire

So darn META: We built GroupFire to build our company, GroupFire.

Let's get the cards on the table: We build GroupFire, the tool that every modern business and organization needs now, in 2018.

I say organization because production now takes place everywhere. Tools that only large enterprise could afford are now available to everyone. Every group now needs (deserves!) an amazing mobile experience for deskless workers and users of all kinds.

In our customer focused company there's no time to sit down at a desk. There's too much to do. Too many customers to talk to and visit. Thus, I'm Deskless.

Are you Remote? Everyone is everywhere now. Why would you restrict your group to just the personnel within driving distance? You can't. No one does that anymore. Remote organizations have to move beyond email, beyond calendar into a set of tools that provides context wherever you happen to be sitting.

We needed a system that would communicate with everyone inside our organizations and out. Easily invite customers and partners to events and conversations while maintaining security and privacy amongst groups and members.

We bring our customers inside our organization now, with GroupFire "bubbles". Customers easily and instantly have access to the people and resources they need. Via mobile.

Our teams live on the GroupFire platform. It's just fun and easy. Work doesn't have to feel like work. It wants to feel empowering. Forget the struggle of keeping up with email, and checking in 5 different places for the latest information on anything to do with your group.

Check us out. We have something good going on for you.