Our Story

It all began in 2015young-businessman-commuting-to-work-through-city-PYSEVPQ when we first set out to transform internal communication at all organizations. Frustrated as a member, we knew there had to be an easier way for leaders to share insights, staff to effortlessly manage events, and members to have more meaningful interactions. 

Fast-forward a few growth spurts and our team has sprawled into multiple offices. We impact thousands of members everyday, and our list of happy customers now includes dozens of world-class organizations such as Goldman Sachs, GenNext, and YPO, just to name a few.

Yet some things haven't changed. We're still fiercely focused on creating a digital experience that makes members, customers, and employees feel comfortable connecting. We still work tirelessly towards this vision everyday, pushing software updates every two weeks. And the number of clients who've left us remains zero.

Are you interested in working with real people that care about your problems and challenges?  People that you can call and talk to. People that understand. That’s us. (949) 356-6852. Go ahead.  Give us a call. Or click below to schedule a time.

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Our Leadership

Our leaders have "done it before". Advised by rockstar industry titans and a 5-time entrepreneur himself, Mark has built some of the largest -- and a few of the smallest --  internal communication platforms on earth. From early bulletin board systems in the 80’s to GameSpy, an early online forum with hundreds of thousands of daily users, Mark and the team know how to build thriving communities, scale beautifully intuitive software platforms, and light the fire in any group.

Our Culture

GroupFire is a family of community-obsessed builders. Like most other humans, we yearn deeply for a sense of connection. But what makes us a little, well, different is our unwavering drive to foster belonging within all groups -- not just our own.

We live for customer success

Rain, sleet, hail or snow. We are available 7 days a week to solve problems and create opportunities for you and your group. We've never had a client churn and that's in large part because we do whatever it takes, and then some. Customer-centricity is in our DNA.

We strive to make beautiful software

Our focus on end users shines through in our product. Member engagement is our north star, and we iterate quickly to continuously enhance the experience. That means building tools that both members and administrators can't live without.