Event Billing: Solved!

Our robust payments system painlessly streamlines the event experience for you and your members.

  • Event Fees
  • Upgrades
  • Add-Ons
  • Automatic No-Show billing!
Payments 'Yosemite Event' UI

Instant Payments. Simplified

Collect credit card payments, send in-app reminders and share receipts directly from your mobile device. 

  • In-App Purchases 
  • Invoicing & Tracking 
  • Single or Recurring Fees
  • Mobile Receipt & Invoice Library

Manage & Track Member Fees

From tracking annual membership dues to sending one-off charges for events, Payments does it all! 

  • Invoice for Member Dues 
  • Create Event Fees 
  • Automate Payment Alerts
  • Browse Payments by Member or Event



Total Visibility on your invoices, Events and Members!

See in real-time the status for each of your members on mobile.  Then, take it a step further in the powerful desktop system.

  • Create New Invoices
  • Track Payments Status
  • Export Invoices/ Receipts to CSV 
  • Quickbooks Integration

Payments and invoicing. At your fingertips!

One Time Setup

Members enter their credit card once for all future payments!


With in-app purchases, you eliminate all follow up.


In-app popups send timely reminders of payments due!

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