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Sep 2020
16 Sep
9:15 PM
A case study in authentic group engagement, Lifeonaire's success in connecting, inspiring and ...
Mar 2020
24 Mar
6:13 PM
Hello from your friends at GroupFire. First, our sincere hopes that for anyone reading this, you ...
Nov 2019
30 Nov
6:59 PM
Image of Santa Claus in red costume. Communication concept
The GroupFire system has a wide array of built in system emails covering everything from onboarding ...
09 Nov
1:57 AM
A Release this week! Big things coming next week! Just to send you off at high velocity at the end ...
May 2019
23 May
6:54 PM
Passion Led Us Here Photo
The biggest names in podcasting and online communities are moving to subscription membership ...
Apr 2019
23 Apr
8:37 PM
Webp.net-resizeimage (14)
Millennials, with a population of about 73 million in the US, are overtaking Baby Boomers as ...
17 Apr
3:25 PM
Many membership organizations today struggle to retain members because they don’t effectively ...
Dec 2018
07 Dec
5:32 PM
The holidays are here and the GroupFire team comes bearing gifts. We're excited to announce a brand ...
Nov 2018
30 Nov
11:46 PM
Membership Platforms: Evolving Beyond The Basic Website When you think of a “modern membership ...
16 Nov
1:10 AM
Most employers see tremendous value in staying cozy with ex-employees. It can be difficult to ...