This Week at... GroupFire!

A Release this week! Big things coming next week!

Just to send you off at high velocity at the end of a great week, let's discuss what happened behind the scenes at scrappy yet feisty GroupFire, makers of.... GroupFire!


We got a few things out the door for both the Control Panel AND the Community:  

  • Links to invoices!  All texts, emails and notifications now have links to any invoices referenced.  Event fees, No-show fees, Dues, etc!  No more angry stares in disbelief at an email without an invoice link!
  • Flexible Event Items!  You will revel in the capability of:
      • Required "either or" event items.  Example, pick a room size, but must pick one (and only one!)  
      • Item inventories:  Specify that you have 2 VIP suites, one Honeymooner and 75 deluxe garden view rooms (with continental breakfast?) (yes! which continent do you prefer?)
      • Quantity per payment item!
      • Max Quantity per item.  

Loads of possibilities at your finger tips for ticketing, trip add-ons, inventory management

  • "Spouse" labels updated to modern times: Spouse/Partner/Significant Other/I'm too lazy or comfortable to leave him or her, I'll live with the snoring  


Two new hires this week!  We've got a fancy new engineer and a new financial analyst!  Remember, we hired them so you don't have to!  Say hello to Kirk and Damien if you see them in the GroupFire apps.  You may run into them on the support lines....  Just for that, let's drop the GroupFire recruiting banner:




What's in the Freaking Hopper for next week?

Hey, do you want to hear a secret?  It's a big one.  Okay, let's keep this just between us.  Me, you, and this filthy keyboard I'm using - we're the circle of trust here...  Ok?  We've been working on a new app for you.   That's as far as I can go, but I'll tell you everything next week.  I don't want to freak you out just before the weekend.

You can expect a beta invite to your new app very soon.  We are in the final shakedown stages of this rebuild and redesign of the community system!  As I said, more on this next week.  


And a reminder.....  1 am Jack in the box.... Still a thing!  All day breakfast!  Stuffed Jalapenos! CheeseCake!  Fajita Pita!  BRUNCH BURGER?  It was a good week, just get one of everything!  Don't say they don't care about your health... the teriyaki bowl comes with a choice of white or brown rice!  Take the brown rice and lose your doctors number - we're all good this year!



Lets do this again soon,