membership management

Powerful Membership Management

Run your community membership from a single dashboard on desktop and mobile

Manage every aspect of your member database  quickly and efficiently

Whether you're adding, deleting, tracking, collecting from or providing support to your members, GroupFire provides all the tools you need in one place

You can easily:

  • Add, delete or suspend members
  • Add members to groups and register them for events
  • Track which members are current on payments and which aren't
  • Edit member profiles
  • Provide support through notifications, password resets and more

We upload your existing member database to GroupFire as part of our onboarding program and provide help every step of the way.

Manage Your Members and Their Profiles
Track Member Activity to Identify Upsell Opportunities

Keep track of which members are engaged, and which might be at risk

GroupFire provides powerful analytics that will show you which of your members may be ripe for an upgrade...and which might be at risk of churning.

You can easily track:

  • E-mail and app usage
  • Event attendance
  • Payment history
  • Level of engagement
  • Likes, comments, and posts

Our onboarding team will help set you up with all the reports you need...and you can always build your own with GroupFire's custom report builder.

See how GroupFire can make managing your membership a snap!

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