GroupFire Customer Spotlight

A case study in authentic group engagement, Lifeonaire's success in connecting, inspiring and empowering their members has made them the most engaged GroupFire community.

What is Lifeonaire?

Lifeonaire is a life and business coaching organization dedicated to helping people live truly abundant and prosperous lives. Think of it this way…a millionaire is someone who has a lot of money; a Lifeonaire is someone who has something much more valuable…a lot of life.

Lifeonaire Stats!

By the numbers, here's Lifeonaire:

Members: Lifeonaire is a community of nearly 700 members. 687 to be exact.

Member Growth: Since launching in March, they have grown from 236 members. That's nearly 200% growth!

Engagement: Monthly reach averages 90%, with 75% of members using the apps and 15% relying on email.

Usage: Just last week there were 49 items published, 68 comments, and countless "likes" and reactions.

Lifeonaire Members

Learning and personal growth is the focus of the connections for members in Lifeonaire. A typical member may be interested in leaving the corporate world to develop their own entrepreneurial endeavors that allow for less work and more life. The draw of the Lifeonaire community is to equip members with the knowledge and skills they need to make that move, or continue to grow once doing so.

Because Lifeonaire members bring a wide range of experience and knowledge to the community, all members are able to take advantage and contribute to the collective wisdom of the group.

Lifeonaire has a tiered membership structure. Membership tiers, including Gold, Gold Plus, Titanium, and Alumni levels, align to groups in the Lifeonaire community. The community is free, and a major draw for members who want to learn more about Lifeonaire. From there, members have the opportunity to pay for additional training, access, support, and resources.

Lifeonaire leaders constantly promote their community and make sure it is easy to access, with a link to the app as a pop-up on their website and with reminders in their podcasts.

Team Structure for Managing the Community

The Lifeonaire team splits GroupFire management duties along these lines:


Voice of Lifeonaire: Steve Cook, Founder of Lifeonaire.

Duties: Steve

is the voice of the community; leader, coach, and author.

Content: He posts daily in groups—examples include quick questions, personal reflections, and insightful stories. Steve is supremely responsive to member posts, and leads with values and candor as he authors longer-form blog posts.


Right Hand Man: Jason Wojo, CEO of Lifeonaire (and Steve's former student)

Duties: Jason produces a steady stream of optimistic content, and coaching.

Content: He stars in weekly podcasts and generates posts and announcements, at least weekly.


Community Manager: Rachel O'Connell

Duties: Rachel manages membership and is the lead for the GroupFire products, and a multitude of special projects.

Content: Rachel crafts membership-specific announcements and posts for special events and opportunities.


Content Creator: Paula Mandarino

Duties: Paula makes sure there is a steady cadence of great-looking content to help members access the community.

Content: Paula posts podcasts, announcements, the Lifeline weekly newsletter, and creates amazing videos (see below!) for Lifeonaire members to devour. She is also responsible for recording and uploading weekly Insider calls to the app as well.


Content Cadence:

The most vibrant communities have a predictable pulse that members and staff can rely upon, and Lifeonaire is no different! They share regular, inspirational content that includes:

Lifeline: Biweekly content, highlights, event summaries and inspiration in a robust newsletter.

The Lifeonaire Show: A weekly podcast featuring topical interviews and insights with thinkers, members, and coaches, hosted by Jason.

Member profile spotlights: Highlights of members who are living with an abundance of life.

Insider Calls: Weekly calls for each tier of members.

Monthly Blogs: Topical long-form insights from CEO Steve Cook.

Unexpected Joy: They regularly feature special opportunities, surveys, and fun announcements. 

Groups: On top of all of that, there is content for each group (based on membership tiers!) Groups have access to courses, training materials, regular posts, and even more content.

All these regular features in the community feed Lifeonaire members with reasons to log in consistently. It's no surprise that Lifeonaire members see their community as a daily check in.

Popular Content and Features

For Lifeonaire the draw is groups, groups, and groups!

When a member posts something to a group, there is certainty that they will get responses and encouragement. Steve Cook is leading the charge by seeding the groups, getting conversations started and answering, following up and stirring the pot!

Members are learning and growing together. They've developed the habit of referring to and tagging experts and other members in comments as they solve problems together.

Announcements get traction, too!

"Getting to Zero" has been the announcement with the furthest reach in the Lifeonaire community: it's Steve Cook's own account of the mindset that leads him on a daily basis. This announcement serves as the mission guide for the community - why they exist and what they are striving for. The next most popular announcement has been the app crash course - a video guide to using the Lifeonaire app.

Training content (organized in the Lifeonaire Resources) are a critical component for Lifeonaire, and allow resources to be turned on and off for groups and cohorts.


Lifeonaire Goals

Ultimately, Lifeonaire is leveraging GroupFire to achieve their goals of spreading their mission, growing a vibrant paid membership community, connecting their members and building a network of support.

Their members are using that community to achieve their own goals of creating passive income streams and simplifying their daily life while drawing the necessary knowledge, skills and mindset from their connections and coaching.

They are meeting these goals by unleashing the power of personal networks to generate prosperity and abundance.

Our assessment: A Winning Formula

There is a simple formula to the success of the Lifeonaire community in GroupFire. When members have a problem, they can turn to the community to solve it. The responsiveness and reliability makes members know that they will be rewarded for their engagement.

Because of a shared mission and value for living an abundant life, the success of any member reverberates through the rest of the community. It is regenerative.