Mobile Membership Apps: Secret To Membership Retention and Recruitment

Membership Retention and Recruitment Is Easier Than Ever Before

The ability to create, attract and grow a powerful membership base has never been more attainable for today's leaders. Electronic communication and social networks are the catalyst for new organizations to take root and thrive more quickly than ever before.

Why Mobile Membership Apps Are The Key to Recruiting and Retaining Members

Mobile Membership Apps are key to the transformation of membership organizations worldwide – both in terms of attracting new members (growth!) and re-engaging existing membership (retention!).

Gone are the days of complete reliance on email and an unloved, unvisited membership website. With a mobile membership app your membership engine chugs on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within arms reach of every single one of your members, reinforcing that connection and sense of familiarity.

The formidable power of mobile membership apps are helping membership organizations (private clubs, business groups, alumni associations, interest groups, etc.) enter the digital landscape to attract the next generation of members. Mobile membership apps also leverage engagement tools to keep current members happy and involved, improving member retention for additional growth.

Members' Motivations Haven't Changed. It's How You Deliver Them.

To be clear, members still want the same key benefits: friendship, connection and meaning. The question is how to deliver this best, first and most conveniently. We have a saying at GroupFire: "Convenience Wins." The more convenient services beat out the less convenient. How often do we go out for pizza these days versus delivery? Convenience wins. Every time.

The startling reality is that not only are mobile membership apps more convenient, it fosters more connection and meaning while deepening the opportunity for friendship. It's what membership organizations increasingly need to retain their leaders and attract new ones. While members' core drive to join your organization hasn't changed, the platform and tools they need to thrive definitely has.

Deepening Bonds With Membership Engagement

The changing tides of membership engagement are actually a really great thing for organizations large and small. The standard monthly meeting (please, please, please come!) has given way to a much richer set of options to deliver the rewards members crave in today's world.

Ad-hoc breakfast series, arranged lunches, conference calls, video conferencing all contribute to the critical delivery of value and services. But the key is to communicate without overwhelming. This can be achieved with a modern mobile membership app that gives you nimble control over:

Strengthen Membership Retention With Meaningful Group Spaces

Belonging is one of our most powerful needs. It's number 3, right after food and safety. Members seek to join and belong. And they want to belong quickly. Organizations lose more new members in the first four months than the next four years. That's because historically to belong often meant "fitting in" to an organization, which is hard.

Finding "your people" in a large organization can often take years. Organizations no longer have years, they have weeks, maybe days to find the social and business matchups for new members. Mobile membership apps use modern machine-learning to suggest, guide and adapt to member connections in your organization, transforming your membership app into an engagement center and guiding new members to meaningful groups within your organization.

It's easier than ever to find an organization more closely aligned to your needs and values. Larger organizations are learning to be more nimble, and the most successful ones have learned the power of unlocking the groups within their groups. With GroupFire GroupSpaces, there is no limit to the number of groups you will uncover. Our mobile member messaging platform empower members to connect with one another and find their band. 

Make Your Organization About More Than Meetings

The monthly member meeting has its benefits to be sure, but it's critical to avoid the negative reinforcement cycle that comes from starting to miss those meetings. Without more attendance options those members often come to realize that meetings can be inconvenient in this busy world.

Accessing member services outside of them is critical to retention when life intrudes. Your mobile membership app not only extends the life of your meetings throughout the whole year, it also acts as the primary source of content and networking for non-attendees. Going mobile inherently means a broader reach and appeal for your organization. 

Membership Recruitment Is Everything

The gold standard for membership recruitment and retention are member referral programs. Members brought in by other members typically stay longer, and are more likely to refer their friends.

Recruiting is strengthened by, yes, you have no doubt guessed it, mobile membership tools. GroupFire makes an organization's mission and members tangible, touchable, understandable. Relatable reduces risk, creates interest and desire and lowers barriers. Coupled with tools to power personalized communication and track prospects GroupFire becomes your conduit to membership growth.

Ready to get serious about membership retention, recruitment and engagement in your organization? Groupfire provides custom branded mobile membership apps, designed to give administrators complete control over a full suite of features to help grow and retain your member base.

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