Written by Mark Surfas | Sep 27, 2018

Instant GroupFire Administration With Your New Mobile Admin Control Panel!

Big news! Check out our new Mobile Admin Control Panel for GroupFire Administrators! 

Membership Management Mobile Admin Controls

Want to text 25 members easily? Boom! Here you go.

Need to publish a photo to your mobile membership app and generate an email as well? And a text? Here you go!

Need to send an email to a few members and don't have email addresses handy? Now you do!

Wish you could create an event or update an existing one? Now you can!

Things you will LOVE doing with our new Mobile Admin control panel:

  • Message event attendees while at the event
  • Update an announcement with new information
  • Create a newly established committee while still at the board meeting
  • Add a prospective member on the spot! Put her in the prospects group!
  • Publish across all channels with an urgent announcement
  • Schedule content to publish later from wherever you are
  • Send a reminder to members that haven't RSVP'd for the next event!

Throw off your chains! Be free to roam! All of your favorite mobile admin control panel functions can be handled on-the-go now.

There are more features coming (In-app payments!) but let's call this a great start, shall we? 

You need this and it's now standard and lives in your custom native mobile membership app for every Administrator.

Mark Surfas

Mark Surfas / About Author

Mark is the Founder of GroupFire and a community builder dating back to, well, dating back a ways. A recalcitrant entrepreneur, Mark built a community of 22,000,000 members at GameSpy Industries before its' sale to Fox Interactive Media.

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