GroupFire 1.0

Hello World!

Yawn. Stretch. "Are we there yet?"

Yes, yes we are!

GroupFire has been in private beta for well, quite a while now. We've crafted it gently, gingerly, eagerly and have learned many important lessons along the way.

So, what is GroupFire?

We like to joke that if Linked-in, MailChimp, Facebook, EventBrite, iMessage/slack/what's app had a software baby, that baby would be GroupFire. Do I need to put trademark signs on those names? I'm pretty sure you know we didn't make Facebook, right? ok. Let's move on. Software baby? Wha...? Yes, the best parts of all of those services coming together to make something new, better, next generation.

Membership Directory

A well designed and searchable membership directory increasing discovery and resulting connections.


We baked messaging across all features to create something new and powerful. Messaging is a tidal wave replacing email inside of organizations around the globe. GroupFire makes messaging accessible to organizations of all types.

Event Registration

Solid attendee features that you would expect and powerful backend management features. Make it easy to create, publish, market, signup and attend events.


Everything happens in this world thanks to the power of small groups. Amiright? GroupFire enables the groups within your group to come together easily, without friction. Divisions, regions, chapters, offices, departments, boards - you will create the groups within your groups, within those groups.

GroupFire is something special. We are willing and able to do the work to deliver a private, custom branded digital home for you, your employees and your customers. Reinforce your vision, values and well, your name and presence every time someone touches your service.

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