How Can a Membership Directory Help Your Organization?

A membership directory is a central system to house all of your members’ contact information spread across user profiles. These searchable profiles can include the name, phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, and additional information unique to each organization.

Membership directories are a key component of Groupfire's custom branded apps for organizations. Directories make it easy for members to communicate and interact with each other to build stronger relationships.

Connect Your Members

Membership directories help members stay connected to simplify and encourage communications to forge stronger community relationships. Easy access to contact information gives members the ability to put names to faces and control the information they share in a secure way.

Groupfire’s mobile membership directory app caters to the many ways members enjoy networking, including e-mails, phone calls, and private chats directly from a directory listing.

Increase the Value of Membership

Strong relationships and business connections fuel membership organizations, keeping members happy and active. Membership organizations can increase value by giving members the ability to initiate and nurture relationships from the convenience of their mobile devices.

With Groupfire’s mobile membership directory, members instantly gain access to a sortable, digital, Rolodex of contact information that can propel them forward, both personally and professionally. The convenience and simplicity that these intuitive mobile directories provide creates additional value for members and can result in improved engagement and membership retention rates.

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Demonstrate Your Organization's Credibility

A membership directory gives you the opportunity to showcase the strength and size of your organization. Allow members to discover how far their organization extends, the locations, industries, and people that make it up. Organizations that share this information internally communicate their strength directly to their members and demonstrate that their membership dues are worthwhile.

Strengthen Your Member Community with Groupfire

Groupfire builds branded mobile applications designed to build communities and create a digital home for members. Our membership directory apps, in addition to our many customizable mobile features, offers a seamless user experience to help membership organizations drive event attendance, grow revenue, and nurture relationships between members.

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