The world is flattening. Here's how we win together.

2018 is time of both wrenching change and amazing opportunity.   The intersection of Change and (r)evolution is where opportunity lives, right? Yes, that's right.

Companies of all shapes are flattening in the physical, structural and virtual realms.   Why? Speed. Speed of action. Speed of reaction. It's Business at the Speed of Messaging(tm).

Physically companies are adopting remote work, remote workers, remote hiring, work from home and remote offices.  Eliminating / reducing commutes.  Increasing staff satisfaction.  Hiring the best, most appropriate team members wherever they happen to be in the world are huge competitive advantages.

Structurally, work roles are flattening due to increased communication between all company levels.  Silos are disappearing. The product manger can easily expose ideas and options to huge swaths of the organization without an explicit meeting or a one-sided email exchange.

Virtually, everyone is in the same space now, at the same time.  AT THE SAME TIME. This is radically different from the call and response format of email volleyball.  Communication is coming out from the dark corners and into the daily fabric. Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic. Let's put it this way:

Communication can now take place  on an equal footing in group spaces. It's no longer confined to email threads that can't see the light of day without a conscious decision to fire that particular cannon.

So, we are all moving to a more natural and fluid form of communication, organization and location.   To make this easy and powerful (when do you ever see that combination?) we need a central place for conversation and context.

Enter GroupFire.