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Connect Everyone

Launch your private world to connect and inform. As we say, Informed + connected = activated.

Your Mobile Digital Home

Your custom branded home goes everywhere your team goes.

Dashboards and Heartbeat

Ever wonder if everyone is getting the message? Dashboards. Actionable Reports. Your organization has a pulse. Your finger is on it.

Your Company, Your brand: Your App.

Your brand in the app store. Your brand on the devices and desktops. You are in control of everything. Icons. Colors. Email formatting.

Everything Included

GroupsHomes for all of your groups within your group: Departments. Offices. Topics. Regions. Boards. Chapters. Customers. No limits.

Business at the speed of MessagingTurn on a full blown modern messaging system. Watch email time suck melt away.

PublishingEffortlessly create and publish. Memos, letters, updates, flyers, newsletters, news flashes.

All the channels:Distribute content via app, email, sms, social.

Event and Calendar System:Create and manage all of your events.

Engagement reports.Customers, members or partners slipping away? You'll know before they do.

Digital Home.True north for your people, always on, always available

Desktop versionSitting at a desk? You'll feel like a starfleet commander overseeing your worlds.

Digital HeartbeatYour finger on the pulse.

Full Messaging SystemEmail is like a cluster bomb absorbing precious hours and destroying productivity. Messaging is just in time and has pinpoint accuracy.

Onboarding systemInvite via email, SMS, App Store or website.

Content Targeting:Fast content, accurately distributed with instant analytics.

Amazing OrgchartDisplay your people, groups, positions and structure.

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