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We supply instant context to members of organizations.

Connect everyone with a one of a kind communication, publishing and directory system.

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Your People.
Your Brand.
Your App.

GroupFire has specific and amazing solutions for:

Your Great People.
Your Amazing Brand.
Your Fantastic App.

  • Small business
  • Enterprise;
  • Non-profits;
  • Membership organizations;
  • Single and multi-Chapter organizations;
  • Remote only / deskless

& capabilities

DirectoryConnect eveyone with a beautiful and powerful directory.

Groups unleashedEmployee groups. Customer Groups.  Interest Groups.

PublishingPublish to apps, email, everywhere with analytics

MobileMobile first, mobile best.  Your organization, mobilized.

Events & CalendarFull blown events and calendar system.

Engagement ReportsKnow everything. Who is engaged and who isn't.

Your organization.  Your communication.  Your App

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