What is GroupFire, exactly?

GroupFire is the first and only custom branded mobile and social home for organizations designed to connect, engage and inform. So what does this mean? This means that GroupFire is your one stop shop for all communication needs across your organization. You will be able to easily connect your employees, customers, partners - everyone with an easy to implement and one of a kind communication, publishing and directory platform. With GroupFire you can create connection and operate at the speed of mobile and messaging, not email.

Why should my organization use GroupFire?

GroupFire is the magical app you would build for your organization if you had the time and money. This is first and only custom branded mobile and social home for your organization designed to connect, engage and inform.

Your organization will be engaged everywhere: iOS and Android, Web, Email and SMS.Social channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Do you dream of your groups, teams or entire organization accessible, connected and informed? Whether you are a small/large business, membership organization, alumni group, non-profit, for profit, you are fighting for the attention of your employees, members and potential contributors and customers at all times. We win that fight.

What size organization is GroupFire meant for?

GroupFire is meant for anyone willing to pay. Kidding! We believe any size organization can benefit - Whether you're a team of 10 or a team of 10,000 we're confident you will find that GroupFire is exactly what you need. With messaging, publishing, an event system and SO MUCH MORE, we make staying connected and engaged a completely effortless experience no matter how large or small your team may be.

What features does GroupFire offer?

As a custom branded mobile and social home for your organization, we do everything we can to empower effortless connection and engagement. So here's how we do that:

  1. Messaging: Finally a communincation system that can keep up with you.
  2. Directory: Beautiful. Powerful. Searchable.
  3. Events & Calendar: Full blown events and calendar system just for you.
  4. Groups: Employee groups. Customer Groups.  Interest Groups.
  5. Publishing: Efforlessly create and publish any type of content
  6. Mobile: Mobile first, mobile best. Do anything on the go.
  7. Reports: You name it, we've got it.
  8. Channels: SMS, Email, social. However you want.


How can I access GroupFire?

We go where you go!

  • Mobile apps:  iOS and Android
  • Mobile Web:  All browsers
  • Desktop Web: All browsers, Google Chrome preferred.
  • Notifications: In-app, Mobile, Desktop.  Email. SMS.


What kind of support plans do you offer?

We pride ourselves on world class customer support here at GroupFire. Just by signing up with us, your organization will automatically have access to:

  1. Admin Panel Live Chat
  2. Support Ticketing for both Members and Admins
  3. Admin & Member Onboarding
  4. Admin Help Center: FAQs, Best Practices & Tips
  5. Member Help Center: FAQs, Best Practices & Tips
We also offer a live in app support bot for an additional charge. This support bot lives in your app and is available to answer all technical and app related questions. Please reach out to sales for more information.


How much does this cost?

Please see our pricing page for more information.

Does GroupFire replace email?

Groupfire embraces and extends email as a notification tool for your internal and external users. Our customers find that internal email slows to a trickle, generally confined to external communications. We know that email is a staple of most organizations these days but we are changing that. With GroupFire messaging there will no longer be a need to rely on slow and clunky emails to communicate. Messaging gives you the ability to share messages, documents, photos, etc. and do it at lightning speed. You'll receive notifications of incoming messages in realtime and be able to respond wherever you are. Basically you'll run your business or organization at the speed of messaging!

Can I demo GroupFire?

Absolutely. Click on schedule a demo to contact us. We will get back to you asap and schedule a time for you to fall in love with GroupFire.

What is involved in getting setup?

Getting set up is easy and won't take long at all. To get set up we will just need some information from you about your organization. Here a few examples of what we will need from you:

  1. Default Images
  2. Application Name
  3. Member List
  4. Group List
  5. Setting Selection
How good is this event system, really?

Oh, it's good.

  • Member features:
    • RSVP
    • See who's attending
    • Carpool Map of attendees
    • Guest Entry
    • Get notified about attendees and updates
    • Event chat room
    • Event photos and recap
  • Admin Features
    • Publishing to all channels
    • Auto-nag for non-rsvps
    • Reminders
    • Event creator
    • Event Cap
    • Waiting list capability
    • Registration close date
    • Live Attendance check-in
    • Attendance report
    • Recap Creator
What is the Member experience?

When you invite members to join your app, they will receive a completely customized Welcome Invitation (via Email or SMS) directly from your organization. Once they accept the invite, they will have access to your organization's app.

What kinds of reports do you have?

Our robust backend and reporting software allows you to create customized reports and uncover the information that matters most to you. With GroupFire analytics you can report on just about anything:

  1. System wide engagement
  2. Email Activity
  3. User Activity


Isn't this just like Slack, facebook at work, etc.?

Like Slack we agree that it's time to move off email and embrace the power of messaging. However, in addition to a powerful messaging platform, GroupFire also gives you access to a custom branded world just for you. This custom branded world contains a beautiful, searchable directory, effortless content publishing, a personal event system and so much more.

How are members added?

You can import your entire member list and all of their information with just a few clicks using our CSV Import option. Once added, you have the option to send your members a personalized Welcome Email inviting them to access your app. Forgot to import someone? Not a problem, you can add members on a one by one basis as well.

Can we invite customers to the system?

Yes. With directory security and private & public groups, we've made it possible to completely customize your application's visibility settings. You can invite your customers and give them access to your entire organization OR to just a specific group or two.

Do you put our own custom app in the stores?

Yes. When you purchase the GroupFire platform, we will put your brand in the App Store and Google Play Store. You are in complete control of how your app looks: Icons. Colors. Everything. Your app will be searchable in the store for all of your members and is sure to impress.

Note: You do not have to have your app in the stores. We have enterprise distribution options. If you prefer not to have an app in the stores there are alternatives.

How do I get my team started with GroupFire?

We're excited you're ready to get started. Click on "Get Started" in the upper right corner to contact us and we will get you set up in no time.

How long does it take to get up and running?

We can get your organization up and running in no time. All we need is some information from you on how we can customize your new digital home to perfectly fit your organization's needs,

How much work is it to add content to the app?

We understand how important it is to get the right content to the right people and FAST. Wth just a few clicks, administrators can push a variety of content to members across multiple platforms. Running to a meeting and don't have time to sit at your computer? No problem- we've optimized our app to allow admins to easily publish content from their mobile devices.

What browsers are supported?

While GroupFire can run on any browser, it is optimized to run on Google Chrome.

Can I log in to the app on my desktop?

We make it it easy to access your app on your desktop using our web platform. Simply navigate to your application using your custom URL and you will have access to all the same features as you do on the mobile app.

What devices is GroupFire available on?

You can use GroupFire anywhere. Download our app on your iOS or Android device or login on your desktop.

What operating systems are supported?


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android