What is GroupFire?

GroupFire is not just a custom branded set of apps and websites, we are a complete communication and engagement platform. Your organization will be engaged everywhere: iOS and Android apps, mobile and desktop web, Email and SMS. Social channels including facebook, twitter and instagram. Coming soon: Messenger bots.

Do you dream of your groups, teams or entire organization being highly engaged and informed? Every organization strives to engage their members – whether you are a membership organization, alumni group, non-profit, for profit, you are fighting for the attention of your employees, members and potential contributors and customers at all times. GroupFire is the first cross channel custom branded mobile and social home for your organization designed to engage and inform.

Just a few of the many screens of GroupFire.

Service Features.

Beautiful modern apps and services: Your members will be invited to install mobile apps and to use your websites as desired. All team members will always know where to go to be completely informed and up to date.

Never let your message get lost in Email: Signaling is critical in todays world. New content and activity can be signaled via Email, Push notifications, SMS and social channels.

  • Custom email templates.
  • Custom SMS channel
  • Custom branded app notifications

Engagement Reports show you exactly who is engaged, who is informed and who is not. Login or receive emailed reports displaying summary or detailed charts and graphs. What’s your GF-Engage score? What’s your GF-Inform score? With GroupFire there is no guessing as to who knows what is going on.

Know exactly what is happening with your group.

Stop worrying about important messages getting lost in an email inbox. Start knowing what has been read, and what hasn’t. One screen tells you immediately what you need to know about the engagement of your group. Are your members communicating? Did my announcement get read? How many members did we touch in the last 3 days? You’ve got questions and finally you will have answers.

GroupFire spans all devices to give you full control.

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