Your group.  On fire.

 Complete mobile communication
platform for groups of all sizes.

Amazing Directory

Groups are about members – make them accessible to each other… and you. Our backbone is a beautiful, searchable photo member directory. We layer in the ability to structure the directory in multiple layers. Make sense out of your group with subgroups, committees, chapters, boards, whatever you need.

Publish and Push

Get out of email and into the mobile century. Create announcements, newsletters, events and notifications, whatever you need to inform and coordinate your group, and then notify via push notification.

Group Channels

Unleash the power of your team as never before. Persistent group chat channels combine with ad-hoc groups and 1-1 messaging to provide an incredible communications solution. Your members carry your app with them all day long, give them the power to easily engage.

Events and Calendar

An entire event calendar and signup system ready to go. RSVP’s, comments, guest signup, attendee reports, post event evaluation forms, photo sharing, it’s all here.

Dashboard: Your finger is on the pulse of the group

The hardest part of coordinating a group of people? Figuring out who knows what’s going on and who doesn’t. With groupfire you will know who has read each and every announcement and event notification. Who has updated their profile recently? Who hasn’t checked in this month? Who is online right now?

Your group. On fire.

Know exactly what is happening with your group

Stop worrying about important messages getting lost in an email inbox. Start knowing what has been read, and what hasn’t. One screen tells you immediately what you need to know about the engagement of your group. Are your members communicating? Did my announcement get read? How many members did we touch in the last 3 days?

You’ve got questions and finally you will have answers.

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