Group Spaces

Comprehensive groups for your organization. Departments, Topics, Regions, Boards, chapters. No limits!.

Organize your community with an unlimited number of groups and flexible structure that suits you.

Beautifully organized and displayed.:

  • Hierarchical /Nested Group StructuresExample:
    Group (region)Subgroup (chapter)
    Subgroup (board)
    Subgroup (committee)

Foster communication and connection at every level.

Every group comes fully equipped with its own:

  • Group Feed
  • Directory
  • Message Room
  • File Library
  • Photo library
  • Group Mail

Powerful access control options

  • Public
  • Private
  • Moderate
  • Totally up to you!

Target content at Groups and combinations of groups.
Instantly send announcements, events and notifications to any group. All members will be instantly notified!

Organize and Communicate.
What are you waiting for?

Unlimited Group Spaces

1 group or 100 groups. There is no limit!

Completely Secure

Control your group’s access.

Total Communication

Messaging, GroupFeeds and Group Mail. All communication forums are open!

Group Directory

Dedicated directory just for your group. Find and connect with anyone!

Member Management

Instantly add, approve and edit members in a group. It takes no time at all!

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